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The resort of Jasná Nízke Tatry will be hosting a giant slalom (Saturday, 5/3/2016) and slalom race (Sunday, 6/3/2016) of the Women´s Alpine Ski World Cup with the best known personalities of present women´s skiing.
A great additional programme is prepared during the event as well, with interesting competitions, a winter music party called “Fun radio Dohoda”, a fashion show, a party in the Happy End club and a great atmosphere of a world-class event. Enjoy a world-class winter in Jasná!

Important information

Banners of fan clubs cannot be used as advertising media of companies and firms. The banners cannot contain company logos. Creative slogans and mottos on the banners must be meant for supporting the athletes, they cannot resemble advertising slogans. Banners in breach of these rules will not be displayed on TV. Banners in the Fan Club Zone can neither cover official banners and flags, nor prevent other spectators from watching the race.

Shall any of these rules be broken, the banners will be removed from the finishing arena.