Meeting spectators´ expectations – capacities will be added!

The World Cup Organising Committee in Jasná is responding positively to the huge interest of fans and is coming to meet their expectations. A new FAN zone will be established and several thousand standing places will be available near the trail to viewers who want to watch the race. Organisers are prepared for the daily attendance of more than 20,000 people.

„Jasná is primarily a ski resort which will be in operation even during the World Cup. Therefore, we would like to also welcome skiers who may come from the southern part of Chopok or boarding stations of Lúčky and Záhradky to the spectator zone at Priehyba", said Bohuš Hlavatý, Chairman of the Organising Committee. „It will probably be the most dramatic section of the trail, so I believe it will be as attractive to spectators as the finish area. And as skiers have already paid for ski passes, they will have free admission to the area."

One section of the ski trail Biela Púť, directly under the finish area, will also be changed into a new huge FAN zone with a capacity of 5,000 spectators. The place will be equipped with a big wide screen and thus the race can be seen live even by those who have failed to get tickets for the race. Spectators will also have the opportunity to have fun with a DJ at the “Ratrak stage” who will entertain them between the rounds, and of course to buy some snack and warm beverages. This zone is free to enter, too.  

„An idea to create the new zone is the result of the Organising Committee who immediately responded to the huge interest of spectators. The World Cup is a big feast for the resort and we definitely do not want to close our doors to anyone who spend energy and money in order to come and celebrate this feast with us“, explained Bohuš Hlavatý.

Worldcup Village is the third zone where a few thousand fans will have the possibility to watch the race directly in the resort. It will be established in front of the Happy End Club. Another big wide screen will be installed here for spectators. And a big party will start in this place immediately after the race.

Organisers are prepared for about 20,000 – 25,000 visitors in both racing days.

„We have been working with traffic engineers and the police for several weeks in order to transport all visitors safely and comfortably in the shortest time to the site, regardless of whether they are travelling by car, bus or train. We have prepared ample parking space and nearly 80 shuttle buses. They will operate on three minute intervals to transport people from the parking lot to the resort. It will be a new experience for many visitors. Especially young people who have visited festivals or have been to the similar race in mountain resorts know, that they can avoid unnecessary stress for them and also for others behind them, if following the instructions of organisers. And that´s what we ask visitors to do. Detailed instructions will be published on our website in a short time", added Bohuš Hlavatý.

Women's World Cup Race in the giant slalom and slalom in Jasná will be held on Saturday and Sunday on 5 and 6 March 2016.
An ambassador of the event is the representative of Slovakia Veronika Velez-Zuzulová.