Technological premiere in Jasna

For the first time in World Cup history, the electronic press kit was premiered in Slovakia. It is a novelty in Slovak sport as well. We are presenting Slovakia as a modern country.

All information that is usually printed in several brochures and presentations on paper, reporters in Jasna now receive in two languages variations in one electronic device –a tablet.

In addition, they can find direct links to all sites necessary for drawing information to do their job -World Cup website; Jasna Resort website; World Ski Federation website...

With the motto ‘ski the future’ we would like all information exchange at the World Cup in Jasna to be done primarily electronically. In the 21stcentury we consider it natural. Nowadays, the tablet is a working tool for journalists, just as a pen and paper were a few years back. In the year 2016, we would like to limit printing reports on paper to a minimum. That's why we have renamed the traditional PRESS (press) Centre to the Media Centre.

We were able to provide reporters with the electronic press kit thanks to our partner -MARSANN IT Ltd.