What ticket categories will be available? (for disabled, VIP, discounted etc.

If I buy a PUBLIC ticket for the Priehyba zone, is cable car transport included in the price?

I have bought an event ticket. Is transport from the southern side of the resort included in the price?

What kinds of tickets are currently on sale – standing, seating, grandstand tickets?

Why are there no stands for the PUBLIC? There were some in Špindlerův Mlýn.

Can I come to watch the event with my dog?

Will the tickets be personalised?

Is there any age limit at the event?

Can tickets be cancelled after they are purchased?

What if the weather is bad?

What if the event is cancelled?

How will the transport system to the resort work?

How will the parking system work?

Will there be some extra programme in the resort?

Can the racers be seen also outside the race itself?

Will it be possible to watch the race along the course?

What prizes will the racers be given?

What do the accommodation options look like?

How will the ski resort operation look like on both days?

Can holders of the Smart season pass ski in Jasná also during the World Cup?