Fewer journalists at the World Cup in Jasná, a novelty will be the Studio Jasná

 Media representatives are an integral part of every sporting event, including the World Cup in alpine skiing in Jasná. Their task is to bring as much diverse information from the event as possible directly from the venue of the event. However, at the beginning of March, journalists will also have more demanding conditions in the Low Tatras than usual. After all, there are limitations associated with a coronavirus pandemic.

"The World Cup brings us many challenges in the media world as well, because we had to come up with different platforms to replace direct communication with competitors, but we also want to provide fans with as much information as possible," said Michaela Grendelová, PR manager of the World Cup in Jasná. She also added more detailed reports. "The press conferences normally took place live with the elite trio in the race, but now a special studio will be prepared in which the competitors will take turns and will not be in contact with the journalists."

Compared to 2016, when the women's World Cup also took place in Jasná, the organisers are preparing a novelty, as the fans will not have access directly on the Low-Tatra slopes as in the past. "The big novelty will be the 'Studio Jasná'. We'll reveal the details later but I can already say that we've come up with a concept that will replace all the podiums. It will bring all the news and behind-the-scenes information about the World Cup in Jasná to the fans that would normally be right in Jasná," added Grendelová.

 The organisers of the World Cup in Jasná have already started accepting applications from journalists for permission to work during the March events directly at the venue. "Like other sections, the media section will be affected by the need to adhere to strict measures and restrictions regarding the situation around COVID-19. That is also why we had to reduce capacity. We have informed the editors to reduce their staff numbers to a minimum, to fit as many media as possible, but to have as few people as possible. We will adjust all measures to comply with restrictions. Keeping distances, face masks will be a matter of course, and everyone will have their own place. Everyone must take the COVID-19 test before arrival and will confirm it even after arriving in Jasná upon receiving the accreditation,“ said Michaela Grendelová, PR manager of the World Cup in Jasná.