Petra Vlhová in Jasná already this weekend

The first trainings in Jasná start tomorrow. Slovak star Petra Vlhová should try the hills in Jasná on Wednesday. "Petra currently had three challenging days in Val di Fassa, Italy. After arriving in Slovakia, we will leave her only a day off, tomorrow she will have two-phase fitness training and she will stand on the hill on Wednesday," says Matej Gemza, one of Petra Vlhová's coaches. Petra herself is looking forward to a few days at home. "I'm always looking forward to coming home but I'm afraid I to relax too much. I have to keep in mind that the season is still long. Now, I will also be at home but during and before the race I will be directly in Jasná so that I can concentrate 100% on the race,“ says Petra Vlhová about her attitude before the World Cup in Jasná.