Preparations for the Audi FIS World Cup 2021 in Jasná count with a bubble

Petra Vlhová unexpectedly trained in Jasná: “Conditions are great.”

JASNÁ (9 December 2020) - There are less than three months left until the start of the Audi FIS Alpine Ski World Cup in the Jasná resort. The organisers of the prestigious event are preparing more and more intensively for the end of winter, when the Low Tatras will host the world's top skiers led by Slovak Petra Vlhová and American Mikaela Shiffrin during the weekend of March 6 and 7, 2021. 

The beginning of the 2020/2021 season showed the excellent readiness of the Slovak Petra Vlhová, who is the ongoing leader in the overall standing of the World Cup among women. And since the slalom and giant slalom competitions in Jasná will only be followed by stops in Aare, Sweden, and Lenzerheide, Switzerland, the contests on the northern slopes of Chopok can be very helpful in the fight for a large crystal globe. 

Petra Vlhová unexpectedly in Jasná 

After the cancellation of the race in St. Moritz, our best skier unexpectedly used the home mountains in Jasná for training. "Conditions in Jasná are excellent. My team kept it as a secret until the last minute that we were returning home for four days. It's a huge boost for me, even if it is only for a few days. I have several days of quality training behind me and tomorrow we will fly to Courchevel," said the 25-year-old Liptov-born competitor.  

And in a very busy race calendar, she found time to visit her home in Liptov for a short time and also completed training in Jasná. "The conditions on the slope are already excellent. I can't wait for the moment when I will compete in Jasná again," said Petra Vlhová. 

The World Cup in a bubble 

The organisation of the World Cup in Jasná, as elsewhere in the world, is complicated by a coronavirus pandemic. This includes strict security measures for the participants themselves as well as restrictions for the fans. The chairman of the organising committee, Matej Hulej, informed that the situation around the pandemic is also dealt by the organising committee through the covid-manager. "We communicate intensively with the state representatives and we do everything possible to ensure that the World Cup in Jasná goes according to the plan. We are still counting with several alternatives. We have promised to announce in December whether tickets will go on sale. Given the development of the epidemiological situation, we do not know whether the fans will be able to watch the race directly in Jasná, but we still have hope here. As soon as we know more, the public will certainly find out,” revealed Matej Hulej. "If the World Cup has to go without spectators, we will do everything we can to ensure that fans learn everything they need and want to know in an attractive online way," he added. 

The organisers of the World Cup will follow the FIS rules and will also draw on experience from previous events. "According to the experience from the previous World Cups, we know that the race in the so-called bubbles can be organised and do not endanger anyone. Both Austria and Finland welcomed the World Cup during the lockdowns. Other global sporting events took place in the bubble - the NHL or NBA - everything went smoothly. Of course, the organizational tension is enormous, not to mention rising costs, but the result is worth it. We have to set the World Cup in Jasná will be in the bubble as well and, unfortunately, even if it was without spectators, the race should not be endangered. We will do everything to ensure the conditions at the maximum level," said Jana Palovičová, the sports director of the race. 

The iconic cap is on sale already before Christmas 

Starting from 9 December, all fans can buy stylish accessories with the logo of the World Cup in Jasná. In the official e-shop of the event, the image caps, headbands, buffets, unique socks or face masks and sunglasses covers are available.  

A special reminder of the upcoming event in Jasná will also be a special banknote with a zero value and a motif of a skier, which can be purchased from Saturday 11 December.  

“The cap with the Jasná logo was an iconic accessory during the 2016 World Cup. It became a scarce commodity. This year, we created several collections of hats in various color variations so that everyone can order their cap according to their taste. We are very pleased that, despite the ever-changing situation, we have managed to provide such great accessories," said the event's brand manager Jana Kňavová.  

"Originally, we hoped that the Christmas present for our fans would be the tickets to the World Cup. Unfortunately, it did not work out due to the difficult situation with the pandemic, but I believe that we will please the fans at least with accessories with the World Cup logo," added the president of the organising committee Matej Hulej. 


Young skiers look forward to the World Cup 

The organisation of such an important event as the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup in Jasná is undoubtedly important not only from the competition point of view and picking the points in the rankings. The fact that the elite competitors will visit Slovakia is a great motivation for young talents under the Tatras. Especially for those who grow up in the same places as Petra Vlhová. They want to be like her, their life is a hard work “I started skiing when I was five. I really enjoy it and I want to be like Peta Vlhová," says Adela Macíková from the Jasná Alpine Ski Club. Children from the ski club are currently preparing on the slopes of Jasná and are anxiously waiting for the World Cup on the home slopes when they will be able to see their role model with their own eyes.