What was said after Saturday’s World Cup slalom in Jasná

JASNÁ (6th March, 2021) Saturday's World Cup slalom in women alpine skiing in Jasná ended with the victory of the American Mikaela Shiffrin ahead of the Slovak star Petra Vlhová and the Swiss Wendy Holdener. All competitors from the podium also shared their impressions of the race at the press conference.


Mikaela Shiffrin (USA, 1st place)

“The track surface was almost perfect. Overall, it was a very good day for me. After the first round I was a bit disappointed because I felt well and I didn't turn it into such a good performance. The most important thing, however, was that in the second round I managed to do my best and to achieve a successful result. I knew that Petra was skiing after me and she could be faster. However, I am proud of my competition day today,” said the elite American woman.

“At the finish, I told Petra that I fully understood how difficult it was for her to cope with skiing at home. I was also sorry for her that it did not turn out perfectly. But it was a lot of pressure on her. It is very interesting to watch Petra's fight with Lara for the big globe. There are still a few races left and it will be amazing to watch this battle. They both deserve to make it to the big globe, and I can't predict which one will succeed in the end.”

“Skiing without fans in Jasná, just like everywhere, was a bit weird but we heard some cheering. I remember that the supporters in Slovakia are really passionate, from this point of view it is a big pity that they could not be here.”

“The organizers have prepared wonderful trophies for us. I've admired them before. I believe that I will be able to get them home safely without damage.”


Petra Vlhová (Slovakia, 2nd place)

“Today’s race was not easy. I did my best, but Mikaela was better. I finished second and I have another 80 points, so I cannot be dissatisfied. The weekend programme was changed on Friday, but it was no problem for me. Slalom is behind me and giant slalom is in front of us tomorrow, maybe it will be easier for me mentally. I am ready to fight for another great result.“

“After five years, I competed at home again and it was beautiful. I enjoyed it at the start, but it was difficult to ski at home. The second round was more demanding than the first. In the first one you go to the fullest and you know the results. To ski as last in the second round at home is extremely difficult. But I was fully concentrated and I had just one goal in my head – to fight for victory. But this is sport and the second place is good.”

“I am very happy about the podium in Jasná today, on the other hand I am sad I did not keep the lead from the first run. To get 80 points is a big encouragement for me before Sunday’s giant slalom. We will see how it ends. Mikaela told me in the finish that she was sorry I did not win at home. She said she also did her best and it turn out well for her.“

“I had my closest ones at the race and it meant a lot for me. I was very happy about it. Family is most important for me.“


Wendy Holdener (Switzerland, 3rd place)

“I am really happy I could return to Jasná and get to the podium again. It was an amazing race. I love it that it is again really cold. The slope was great, even better during slalom than at trainings.“

„It was no problem for me that the programme in Jasná changed and slalom was on Saturday. I had good trainings here. I was a bit surprised, but I was okay with it. There were some changes in the programme also five years ago.“

„I believe I will do at least as well tomorrow in giant slalom as I did today.“

„In Jasná I felt support from near the slope for the first time this season, even though there are no fans, just like everywhere else. All those taking care of the race were cheering for us. It was amazing.“