Všetko pre spokojnosť fanúšikov

Televízia, štúdio, veľkoplošné obrazovky

Preparations for the Alpine Skiing World Cup in Jasna (January 20-21, 2024) are in full swing. Representatives of the organizing committee, along with supplier organizations and JOJ Sport representatives, met directly at the competition venue to ensure the best conditions for their functioning during the event.

"We want to bring our viewers not only a live broadcast from the event but also a top-notch experience with a huge amount of information. Throughout the week, we will broadcast directly from Jasna in a studio, where we will bring many interesting behind-the-scenes shots, including attractive guests and competitions," informed Roman Neuschl, director of JOJ Sport. A crucial part of the working meeting was consultations on the placement of necessary infrastructure for the most efficient work of individual teams responsible for broadcasting and entertainment for event attendees. This included, for example, selecting locations for large screens that will provide viewers in various zones with current information about the happenings on the track as well as accompanying activities. "We will have one large screen in the fan zone at Biela Put, two more in the finish area, and two at Priehyba. Today, we fine-tuned some details of their placement to keep fans connected with the action on the track," added project manager Dominik Prno.

The atmosphere at the venue will be enhanced from Friday to Sunday with performances by various artists. Visitors can look forward to booths from event partners, gastronomy, the sale of souvenirs, and fashion accessories from a special edition of World Cup Jasna 2024.