Petra Vlhová pre SP v Jasnej: „Doma je doma“

Petra Vlhová, the leader of the evaluation of the fight for the big crystal globe, visited the area of the next week's World Cup in alpine skiing in Jasná for a short time. She practiced giant slalom and slalom on the home hills. At home in Liptov, she spent less than three days, which she also used to gain mental strength after the demanding world championships in Italy.

"I trained quite well, even though it was very difficult on Tuesday, because they poured water on Monday and it was a fight. However, I'm glad that I was able to try the hill and train a bit," said Petra Vlhová just before she got on the plane again and traveled to the World Cup in Val di Fassa, Italy. She will compete in speed events there, but she will be back home on Sunday. "I am very much looking forward to Jasná, because home is home," the Slovak confessed before leaving to Italy.

Recently, there was definite information that the fans will not have the chance to come next weekend, as the unfavorable situation around the coronavirus pandemic does not allow it. "I am very sorry that Jasná will be without fans, because probably more people would come this year than in 2016. Unfortunately, this is the situation. We are looking forward to competing at all. I will try to use the home environment as much as possible," Petra Vlhová sighed.

During two training days, she also experienced one unpleasant incident on the home slope. "On Monday, I fell on an inner ski during training, it was still fine. Then, I pushed into the next gate and put my hands in front of me. When I hit the gate with my hands, I hit my teeth and face with my hands, so there was blood. Everything is fine, but I had to run to the dentist. I had my teeth in a slightly different position, but fortunately they are whole and I have a protector on them. Fortunately, it turned out like this, it could have been worse," she described the situation she had to deal with. She completed Tuesday's training a little over the pain. "My nose, teeth and mouth hurt. However, this is nothing that would limit me when skiing. I had two days for training and I wanted to make full use of it," added Petra Vlhová determinedly.