Petra Vlhová, the face of the World Cup Jasná 2021

The organizers of the World Cup Jasná 2021 presented the complete visual of the event. An integral part of it is our biggest ski star Petra Vlhová.

"We want to introduce Petra as a strong and go-ahead sportswoman who is also strong and sensitive young lady at the same time. Unlike 2016, when skiers were photographed in beautiful designer dresses, this time we decided to underline femininity with flowers," said the PR and media manager Michaela Grendelová. Petra is also presented in photographs in a unique traditional headdress, which was a part of folk costume clothing in the past. It is a richly decorated floral headband, which in the past was only worn by adult single girls during important occasions. 

"I am proud of the region where I come from and the headdress I took pictures with reminded me of the customs and traditions of my beloved home region, where I can take part in the World Cup next year," said the Slovak skier. "The refurbished headdress, with which Petra Vlhová was photographed, comes from Liptovská Teplička and was lent for photography by the agency Headdresses in the 21st century. The original is one hundred years old and its value is estimated at 100,000 euros. The headdress highlights the natural beauty of a woman, which is supposed to symbolize this World Cup as well,“ explains Jana Tužinská, the marketing manager of the World Cup in Jasná.