Red, yellow, blue and green. These will be the zone colors during the World Cup in Jasná

The organisers of the World Cup in alpine skiing in Jasná have been working for a long time on the preparation of the event planned for the first weekend of March, so that Petra Vlhová and her competitors in the fight for a big crystal globe will find the best possible conditions in the Low Tatras. The project manager of the event Peter Cibulka revealed what tasks are currently waiting for them.

"In the coming weeks, the most important tasks we have is to contact the police and revive the transport projects. At the same time, we prepare the entire covid-plan with bubbles and we gradually transfer to the space the way how to create individual sectors on the track, in the finish area or the whole area of Jasná. The zoning will be very strict. There will be four bubbles - red, yellow, blue and green. We must not break them and we must adhere to them strictly. As strict as possible," he explained.

In mid-February, the amount of material needed for a major sporting event will start to be transported to Jasná. "There will be things that are necessary for the sports part of the event or for the infrastructure. The temporary buildings that will be created will be spaces for televisions and other media. There can also be commentary booths as well as facilities for competitors and additional LED displays," continued Peter Cibulka.

Up to 500 - 600 people will take part in ensuring the smoothest possible course of the event. "We need to strengthen the guides and persons who will guard the hermetic closure of the area. The police will also take part in this, some meetings have already taken place in this direction," revealed the project manager.

It is clear that, as all over the world, the coronavirus pandemic affected the preparation. "It just affects us too much. Five years ago, we could meet in larger working groups during the organisation, now we had to transfer it all to a virtual space. However, sometimes we need to work in the field. In all circumstances, however, we comply with all regulations and measures," added Peter Cibulka.