The hustle in Jasná is growing; the competitors praise the quality of the slope

The sign that the World Cup in women's alpine skiing in the Low-Tatras Jasná resort is approaching by leaps is also shown by the fact that the competitors from several countries were already preparing on the training slope on Tuesday. The pleasant weather under Chopok was enjoyed by representatives of the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia and New Zealand.

Polish competitor Maryna Gasienica-Daniel shared her impressions from Tuesday's training. "The training slope is excellent and I believe that the competition one will be just as good. I don't feel nervous before the race. I am very happy that I was able to come to Jasná because it is very close to my home. I only come from behind the hill, from Zakopane. It's a pity that no one of my family and friends can come here to support me," said the 27-year-old Polish representative, who finished on great sixth place in a giant slalom at the recent World Championships in Italy.

Even with regard to the quality result from the world championship, she cannot think of anything other than the position in the elite top ten in the giant slalom, which is scheduled for Saturday 6 March in Jasná. "During the competition weekend, I want to give everything and see what it will be enough for. I believe it will be good," added Maryna Gasienica-Daniel.

On Tuesday, the elite Slovak representative Petra Vlhová was missing on the home slope. She chose fitness training rather than preparation on skis. "Petra is going to the training slope on Wednesday and Thursday. We have a scheduled slalom on Wednesday but we will see according to the conditions and maybe we will give a few rides of the giant. The mood in our team is good," said one of the coaches in the Vlhová´s team, Matej Gemza.

However, he also appeared on the training hill on Tuesday and watched what was happening on it. "I evaluate the first training day positively. Everything works out, the weather is fine and the course is good. We followed the schedule so no one had to wait for anything. So everyone is happy. The training conditions are ideal," he noted.