Trate počas SP v Jasnej by mali sedieť Petre Vlhovej

The Alpine Ski World Cup in Jasná is approaching at a dizzying pace, so the organisers of the prestigious event have their hands full. One of the main goals is to prepare the competition track so that it is of the highest quality. And this part is supervised by the commander of the World Cup tracks in Jasná, Maroš Kupčo..

"The start of the giant slalom is the same as five years ago, on Lukova, so there is no change in this direction. Two hundred meters after the start, the first terrain wave follows, which should make the track more attractive. The second wave is between the substitute start of the giant slalom and the start of the slalom. They both are profiled so that they are not in the contour line, but they are placed at an angle. We tried to make the slalom and giant slalom tracks as long as possible. And that should suit Petra Vlhová, we also consulted the length with her coach Livio Magoni,” revealed Maroš Kupčo.

In addition to the profile of the track that suits the Slovak favorite Petra Vlhová as much as possible, the organisers in Jasná want to work on the quality of the slope. "We want to give the competitors the same conditions at trainings and races. We will also prepare the prepared snow on the training track. It is a common practice and standard in other venues of the World Cup as well,"Kupčo continued. However, in the preparation of the competition slope, the downside is that skiers are missing in the mountains due to the coronavirus pandemic. "If the hill was under load, it would be regularly milled and eight to ten thousand skiers would pass it every day, it would basically prepare itself. People would compact it themselves. For us, of course, it is not ideal that no one skis on it. However, we are not complaining, we have to deal with it," he added.