The World Cup in a bubble

The organisation of the World Cup in Jasná, as elsewhere in the world, is complicated by a coronavirus pandemic. This includes strict security measures for the participants themselves as well as restrictions for the fans.

The chairman of the organising committee, Matej Hulej, informed that the situation around the pandemic is also dealt by the organising committee through the covid-manager. "We communicate intensively with the state representatives and we do everything possible to ensure that the World Cup in Jasná goes according to the plan. We are still counting with several alternatives. We have promised to announce in December whether tickets will go on sale. Given the development of the epidemiological situation, we do not know whether the fans will be able to watch the race directly in Jasná, but we still have hope here. As soon as we know more, the public will certainly find out,” revealed Matej Hulej. "If the World Cup has to go without spectators, we will do everything we can to ensure that fans learn everything they need and want to know in an attractive online way," he added. 

The organizsers of the World Cup will follow the FIS rules and will also draw on experience from previous events. "According to the experience from the previous World Cups, we know that the race in the so-called bubbles can be organised and do not endanger anyone. Both Austria and Finland welcomed the World Cup during the lockdowns. Other global sporting events took place in the bubble - the NHL or NBA - everything went smoothly. Of course, the organizational tension is enormous, not to mention rising costs, but the result is worth it. We have to set the World Cup in Jasná will be in the bubble as well and, unfortunately, even if it was without spectators, the race should not be endangered. We will do everything to ensure the conditions at the maximum level," said Jana Palovičová, the sports director of the race.