Snowmaking has started in Jasna

The ski season under Chopok will start on December 2, with the highlight being the World Cup in January.

The first snow from the foothills of the Tatra peaks has not melted, and so in Jasna, where in January 2024 we will witness the third installment of the World Cup in Slovakia, the first snowmaking has begun. The first piles of artificial snow are flowing onto the slope, which is certainly good news for the organizers of the World Cup. Snowmaking is taking place on the northern and southern sides of Chopok, at an altitude of approximately 1300 meters.

"There were 180 snowmaking points in action. It's excellent that there was natural snowfall before, even in higher elevations, sometimes up to 30 cm, which is great because every centimeter counts. We have a base, and we continue to prepare for the world season in Jasna," said Jiri Trumpes, chairman of the organizing committee of the Audi FIS World Cup 2024.

"During snowmaking, we focus specifically on the racecourse. There, we use a higher proportion of water to make the base as compact as possible so that we can continue working on it. Thanks to the fact that the cooling allowed us to start snowmaking a little earlier than in previous seasons, I believe we will provide perfect conditions for the world's elite," says chief ski trail manager Maros Kupco. At the beginning of the ski season, Petra Vlhova's downhill slope will be accessible to the public, allowing the base to compact and be better prepared for the final adjustments to the World Cup.

The start of the ski season in Jasna is planned for December 2, and the natural snowfall on Sunday pleased many. The opening will be grand, taken care of by the traditional Winter Jasna Opening, where Dara Rollins will be the main star of the evening. The resort will remain open during the competitive weekend, and several slopes will be available. In addition to Petra Vlhova, Majstrovska, and Biela Put, all other slopes on the Northern and Southern sides of the resort will continue to be available to skiers.