Vlhová does not mind the change in the programme, she is looking forward to seeing her closest ones in Jasná

Petra Vlhová will be without doubt the star of the weekend World Cup in alpine skiing in Jasná. On the home slope, she will fight for important points in the battle for crystal globes. She has already completed her last official training.

On Friday morning, 25-year-old skier trained for giant slalom. “Today's official training for the giant slalom was good, although a little more challenging, because it was quite foggy. It was more about moving and standing on skis. I skipped the slalom training today, mainly because of how I feel. In the previous two days, I trained both disciplines, so I wanted to relax a bit,” she revealed.

After starting in the sliding disciplines last week in Italy, she first had to switch to technical disciplines. “My feelings are better, it takes me a day or so. I am ready,” said Petra Vlhová.

And what does she dare to do in a familiar environment? “I want to give my ride, I'll put everything into it and I'll go to the fullest, because I have nothing to lose. There is a lot in the game, but without risk I might not get the big globe. I will take a risk and see how it turns out,” she said firmly.

In order to give the best possible performance in Jasná, she drew strength by staying short at home. “I am happy to have spent a few days at home. I was looking forward to it. But I'm back in the bubble and before the race,” revealed Petra Vlhová.

On Friday, the organizers of the World Cup in Jasná switched disciplines during the competition weekend, instead of the giant slalom, the slalom is on programme on Saturday. “I don't mind exchange of the disciplines. I firmly hope that they will not cancel any of the competitions, because I have a chance to get some points,” she noted.

She prepares extremely carefully for each race and does not underestimate the details. Therefore, she also follows the weather forecast. What information does she have about next weekend in Jasná? “It should be partly cloudy tomorrow, but the organizers are afraid of possible fog. In that case, the giant slalom could not happen. That is why they exchanged the disciplines,”Petra Vlhová continued.


The slopes below Chopok hosted the Women Alpine Skiing World Cup also five years ago, Vlhová was also present in the starting field. “It was long time ago. Now I'm in a completely different position compared to five years ago, it's hard to find parallels there. However, I am looking forward to competing at home again, but it will be a race like any other,” she thinks.


The World Cup race in Jasná will be extraordinary for Petra Vlhová, without doubt in the current season. As the global pandemic brought many limitations, it was not possible for her close ones to support her in previous races directly at the events. But now it will be different. “Dad probably didn't even sleep anymore, as he was looking forward to going to my race so much. And I am glad that all my loved ones will be with me this weekend,” she added.