Work on the competition track is already in full swing

There are still six weeks left until the start of the World Cup in alpine skiing in Jasná, but the organisers of the prestigious event are already working on the modification of the competition tracks for slalom and giant slalom. The main figure in this segment of preparations is the representative of the World Cup race committee Michal Mrázik.

"We will process the mass of snow that we have made into its final form in the near future. The next steps will also depend on the weather. We have the preparation and then the final forming of the track for the race," said Michal Mrázik. He also informed that in the near future he would welcome help from nature, as skiers are missing on the slopes and cannot contribute to snow compaction. "We need to achieve so that the particular layers of snow connect together. If a short period of rain came, it would help us to create a more compact layer, which would be great for further work with the hill," he explained.

He also added details about why rain would help at the moment. "If natural snow falls, we must work with it. It is taken off the competition track; we always go to the prepared layer. The snow is compacted to achieve the required density. The aim is that he first and last racer at the start has the same conditions on the track," Michal Mrázik continued. And when could the competition track be definitively ready? "We are set up so that the last week of February will look like the event itself. Nobody will go on the track and it will be ready for the World Cup," added Mrázik.